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Bengal King Oskar

Bengal King Mars

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We would like to introduce you to our stud Mars of Shankara. This gorgeous bengal is our stud Mars, he came all the way from Spain. Brown (black) spotted tabby cat with large brown rosettes. He is extremely playful, social and smart! At the same time has very sweet, observant and kind personality! Batman is a stunning spotted Bengal with large rosetted patters on a light cream back ground. He is a big kitten with a lovely body and face shape, his coat has hairs with iridescent sheen, making him look as if it has been sprinkled with glitter.
This intelligent, curious Bengal is highly active, constantly on the move, he loves climbing high places, enjoys playing fetch and going for walks on the leash, and thrives best when has access to a large outdoor enclosure where he can indulge in the favorite feline hobby of bird-watching. He also loves winter and winter activities! Mars loves his family and will do anything to get attention from us, his favorite way to our attention is to take things and hide them.

Bengal Queen Aigon

Absolutely incredible snow mink rosetted boy. We so excited about him.
He really is such a special stud with exceptional type. We extremely proud of Aigon.

Bengal King Raiju

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